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merariSeminário do Departamento de Genética e Biologia Evolutiva

Título: "Chaperonas extracelulares e a proteinopatia na doença de Parkinson"
Palestrante: Profa. Dra. Merari de Fátima Ramires Ferrari
"She holds a degree in Biological Sciences (2001), PhD in Sciences (2006), postdoctoral (2008) and Livre-docencia (2017) by the University of São Paulo. She is currently associate professor at the Institute of Biosciences at the University of São Paulo. Trained at the University of Florida and holds active international collaborations with researchers from the United States, Portugal and the Netherlands. She also participated in academic activities at various levels, where she was a student representative in the graduate committee of the physiology department of the Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo (2002-2006). She was a tutor for graduate and undergraduate courses (2001-2006) at IB-USP, taught neurophysiology classes for undergraduate students in biological sciences (2005-2008), was responsible for the Human Genetics discipline for the undergraduate course in Pharmaceutical Sciences at USP (2010-2016). He is responsible for the subjects Biology IV (neurobiology) of the undergraduate course in Molecular Sciences; Fundaments of Molecular Biology and Multidisciplinary Approaches in Genetics for the Biological Sciences course at USP. In graduate course idealized and offers the discipline intracellular traffic and degeneration. She has been involved in extension activities since 2003, when she conceived and organized the IB-USP winter course, participated in the IB-USP thematic week, and guides high school students in pre-scientific initiation projects. She has experience in Neurophysiology, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology, working mainly on the following topics: neuron culture, molecular and cellular biology, gene expression analysis, neurodegeneration, cellular communication, mitochondrial transport, intracellular traffic and formation of protein aggregates. His research line investigates the various stages of intracellular traffic associated with the aggregation of proteins present during neurodegeneration."
Data: 10.06.2019
Horário: 13h
Local: Sala Therezinha Ungaretti - Depto de Genética e Biologia Evolutiva do IB/USP 

"Os Seminários compõem a disciplina BIO5738 "Tendências Atuais em Genética e Biologia Evolutiva" e ocorrerão todas as segundas às 13h de 25/03 a 17/06 de 2019. A participação é aberta a todos e obrigatória para os matriculados na disciplina."