The mission of the Library is to promote access, dissemination and utilization of information to support teaching, research and outreach activities, operating as a national reference center in Biological Sciences. The Library provides bibliographic searches, training on accessing bibliographic resources, standardization of bibliographic references, and assistance on how to prepare scientific presentations, among other services.

The catalogue of  “Rare and Special Books Room” is outstanding, with most of the collection consisting of material from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Library also offers the catalogue of ”Science, History and Art: Rare and Special Materials of the of Biosciences", organized by Nelsita Ferraz de Campos Trimer. These materials, as well as all the available content of the Library can be accessed via the website: (Only in portuguese)

lB/USP publishes a traditional scientific journal in Botany named The Botanical Bulletin, whose first issue dates back in I937. The Bulletin is indexed in CABI and Kew Records of Taxonomic Literature. Additional information is available at or at

The Journal of Biology (lSSN l984-5154) is an initiative of undergraduate and graduate students of IB/USP. The objectives of the Journal is: i) to promoting the national scientific dialogue through open-access publications in Portuguese; ii) working as an informative connection between the academic and the non-academic communities; and iii) to enabling/training undergraduate and graduate students in writing scientific manuscripts. The Journal of Biology covers all aspects of biology, publishing general topics of broad interest (reviews) and topics of specific interest (original research papers, technical papers and expanded abstracts). The Journal also welcomes personal perspectives on biological questions with social and political relevance. The first issue was published in December 2008. For further details, access