Junior Company

           “Bio Jr USP” is a nonprofit association, developed and managed exclusively by undergraduate students of IB/USP, founded on June 15th, 2011. The major objectives of “Bio Jr USP” is to expand the possibilities of the biologist, evaluating the many professional work directions for the career, creating new opportunities, as well as developing skills in business and entrepreneurship. Bio Jr USP is strongly committed with professionalism, creativity, innovation, and environmental, economic and social responsibilities. Its motto is: "Transforming knowledge into services and to present to the market the potential of the biologist as an active professional, spreading new ideas and opportunities". Finally, “Bio Jr USP” offers services such as assessment studies in mitigating greenhouse gases emission, scientific events, and scientific expositions, among others. To read more about Bio Jr USP access: http://www.biojr.ib.usp.br