The “Comissão Ambiental da Biologia” (CAMBIO, an acronym for Environmental Biology Commission), founded in 2009, consists of students from IB/USP and aims to discuss and apply topics of significant interest in Environmental Biology at IB/ USP. The goal of CAMBIO is to develop projects to fostering sustainable practices throughout the IB/USP, the University and the society.

        The central theme of the initiative is SUSTAINABILITY, around which different actions and activities are made. Initially, the IB/USP itself will serve as a laboratory for the activities. Whereas the ongoing sustainable practices of the Institute will be further improved, a number of new proposals will be discussed and applied. The commission aims to initially evaluate and ensure the effectiveness of existing actions. The implementation of sustainable practices through CAMBIO aims to fostering the environmental responsibility and to serving as a reference for future proposals. The commission is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Jean Paul Metzger and co-coordinated by Prof. Vania Regina Pivello, both from the Department of Ecology. Read more about CAMBIO at: