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Undergraduate Program

 The Institute of Biosciences offers Bachelor and Licentiate courses with an availability of 120 vacancies per year.


Bachelor and Licentiate Degrees in Biological Sciences

The Undergraduate Program in Biological Sciences aims at a solid and broad presentation of the concepts, principles and theories of biology, enabling the biologist to develop strategic actions, to diagnose and solve problems, to elaborate and execute scientific projects, as well as to transmit knowledge. The curricular structure is centered in the comprehension of how natural selection and other evolutionary forces shape the biodiversity and leads to the many genetic, physiological and phenotypic aspects of all living organisms. The professors associated with all five Departments of the Institute, named Botany, Ecology, Physiology, Genetics and Evolutionary Biology and Zoology, guarantee the academic excellence. After completing the Core Program (two-years period for full-time undergraduate students and three-years period for evening undergraduate students), the undergraduate can select one (or both) modality, Baccalaureate or Licentiate, which will last another two years. This course organization favors curricular flexibility considering the student’s specific interests and curiosity. Additionally, the Undergraduate Program seeks to stimulate other curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as scientific initiation (introduction to laboratory practices), didactic assistance, outreach activities, international exchange programs and the organization of scientific meetings dedicated to students.



The Undergraduate Program in Biological Sciences of IB/USP provides the students with superior education due to excellent infrastructure: auditorium, computer support, modern laboratories, library with access to the CAPES Portal of Scientific Journals, an external experimental area with greenhouses and gardens for didactic and experimental use, the Herbarium SPF that holds up to 300,000 samples of algae and vascular plants, vehicles (for excursions and fieldwork), and a mobile laboratory. This infrastructure, as well as the commitment with values of equality and diversity, creates a fruitful environment for science and education.


Junior Company

“Bio Jr USP” is a nonprofit association, developed and managed exclusively by undergraduate students of IB/USP, founded on June 15th, 2011. The major objectives of Bio Jr USP is to expanding the possibilities of the biologist, evaluating the many professional work directions for the career, creating new opportunities, as well as developing skills in business and entrepreneurship. Bio Jr USP is strongly committed with professionalism, creativity, innovation, and environmental, economic and social responsibilities. Its motto is: "Transforming knowledge into services and to present to the market the potential of the biologist as an active professional, spreading new ideas and opportunities". Finally, Bio Jr USP offers services such as assessment studies in mitigating greenhouse gases emission, scientific events, and scientific expositions, among others. To read more about Bio Jr USP access: http://www.biojr.ib.usp.br


Career Development

            The graduated alumni in Biological Sciences have the opportunity to work in educational activities (such as professorships or positions responsible for other education-related fields), continue with postgraduate education (Master and PhD degrees) or work in the industry (research and development), in consulting and advisement, inventories and technical assistance.

To know more about the Undergraduate Program in Biological Sciences of IB/USP, please access: http://graduacao.ib.usp.br


Undergraduate Student Advising
Irineu Francisco da Silva
Email: gradib@ib.usp.br
Contact: +55 11 3091-7520 or 3091-7576
Website: http://graduacao.ib.usp.br (only in Portuguese)