Experimental Area

The Department of Botany is composed of several laboratories in the "Andre Dreyfus" Building with full infrastructure for research in Plant Biology, plus an experimental area. The Experimental Area of the Department of Botany (20,000 m2) hosts gardens for teaching purposes, 5 greenhouses, growth rooms, collections of orchids, Bromelidea and Cactaceae/Crassulaceae, the Xylotheque “Nanuza Luiza de Menezes”, the LAFIECO building (acronym for Laboratory of Plant Ecophysiology) and the Aylthon Brandão Joly (“Sobre as Ondas”) Building (where the Herbarium SPF is also located). To see pictures of the Experimental Area, access: http://www.ib.usp.br/dep-botanica-mais-informacoes/jardim.html

Herbarium SPF

The Herbarium SPF is located at the Aylthon Brandão Joly (“Sobre as Ondas”) Building, in the Experimental Area of the Department of Botany. The Herbarium houses approximately 210,000 records, of which 23,000 are algae, one of the largest algae collections of Latin America. The catalogue also contains 600 “type” specimens, 325 photos, 420 ethanol-preserved specimens, 460 records of dry/dried fruits and 5,000 records of wood (Xyloteque). In addition, the Herbarium offers Flora collections from important Brazilian Landscapes, such as Campos Rupestres, Serra do Cipó, Flora of the State of São Paulo, as well as the collections of renowned botanists such as Aylthon Brandão Joly. The curator of the Herbarium is Prof. Dr. Renato de Mello e Silva.
Contact: mellosil@usp.br
Open access to data, information and the available tools: http://www.splink.org.br/index


Brazilian Flora

The Project of the List of Species of the Brazilian Flora was started in 2008 and enabled over 400 taxonomists to work together to deliver Target 1 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC-CBD). The result was the launch, in 2010 of the first online version of the List of Species of the Brazilian Flora and the publication of the Catalogue of Plants and Fungi of Brazil. Having queried the List of Species of the Brazilian Flora, the user can follow links to Index Herbarium, thanks to the co-operation of the New York Botanical Garden, and also access images of herbarium specimens, including nomenclatural type specimens, both from the REFLORA virtual herbarium and also from the INCT Virtual Herbarium of Flora and Fungi. Another innovation is the inclusion of photographs of living plants, uploaded by specialists in each group. To date, 46097 species are recognized for Brazil's flora: 4,747 Algae, 32,831 Angiosperms, 1,524 Bryophytes, 5,712 Fungi, 30 Gymnosperms and 1,253 Ferns and Lycophytes.
Prof. Dr. José Rubens Pirani (pirani@usp.br) and Prof. Dr. Lúcia Garcez Lohmann (llohmann@usp.br) from the Department of Botany (IB/USP) are part of the Organizing Committee. Access to data and information at: http://www.floradobrasil.jbrj.gov.br